AP (Anabolic Pump)

AP (Anabolic Pump)

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Met AP (Anabolic Pump) van USP Labs krijg je eindelijk meer droge spiermassa!

AP (Anabolic Pump) eigenschappen:

Wat kan USP AP voor jou betekenen?
  • Stimuleert kracht en spiermassa
  • Betere eiwitsynthese en spierherstel
  • Optimaliseert de interne hydratatie
  • Ondersteund het herstel van de neuronmusculaire matrix
  • Geeft fantastische spieropbouwende resultaten

It's very simple... their bodies are predisposed to process nutrients more efficiently, and this assists to shuttle nutrients to their muscle cells & away from their fat cells... so they are always jacked and ripped, no matter what they eat or do. They have almost perfect insulin sensitivity, nutrient partitioning ability and high rate of protein synthesis...

Basically, the bodies of genetic freaks tend-to promote a muscle-building, fat-burning anabolic state... While the rest of us spend our days in a muscle-wasting, fat-storing catabolic state, even if you eat protein every few hours and do everything right... It sucks, but it's the truth..

Not to worry, not all hope is lost...

There's a protein-transporter hormone called GLUT4 that lays dormant in the middle of every muscle and fat cell in your body. It just sits there minding its own business until it's activated by weight training, or dietary intake...

When GLUT4 is activated, it comes to the surface of the muscle cell and begins to suck in mass-building glucose in like an industrial-sized vacuum!

This is better known as the "Post Workout Window Of Opportunity" - where all of the magic happens - as your body is in a super-anabolic state, absorbing nutrients, building muscle and burning fat. This is the only "window" the natural guy has. Mess this up and you don't have a prayer.

Unfortunately, even if you take a post-workout shake, GLUT4 only comes to the surface of the cell & remains active for a short period, and then it goes back into hibernation...

What if you could increase GLUT4 activation outside of the pathetically-short post-workout period?


As a Hardgainer, one reason it's difficult to put on muscle mass is because nutrients have a hard time being delivered to your muscle cells. It's that simple. The reality is your muscle cells may only be getting a few measly grams of protein, even when you take in large amounts. The majority of that protein (and other nutrients) never reach your muscle tissue.

THAT'S why gaining muscle mass is nearly impossible for you!

You see, hardgainers can get very little GLUT4 activation, so you almost never have a window to gain muscle, even post-workout! No wonder those pre, intra & post workout shakes aren't doing jack for you!


Unlike the genetic freaks who get all of their nutrients delivered to their muscle cells - OR the hardgainers who have difficulty getting nutrients delivered - most of the nutrients you consume, especially carbs, get stored right into your fat cells...

While, at least you can get bigger & stronger... you don't have as much head-turning muscle definition as you'd like... Listen, I'm not trying to come down on you, just giving you the absolute truth so you can do something about it!

So, wouldn't it be great if nutrients could be shuttled into muscle cells and away from fat cells... [4]

THAT my friend, is the power of GLUT4 activation...

And, we believe, based upon studies in animal models and animal cells/tissue [4] that there’s a compound that can do that …

A constituent of a key ingredient in Anabolic-Pump has been shown in vitro (utilizing animal skeletal muscle) to increase GLUT4 up to threefold or more!

We believe, based upon studies in animal models and animal cells/tissue, this key ingredient can activate GLUT4 in muscle cells—allowing carbohydrates to be delivered to your muscle cells . [1-5 ]

Give yourself a shot. After all you spend so much time training, eating right, educating yourself…Why wouldn't you stack the cards in your favor? Honestly, there's no good reason not to…

Fact is, the longer period of time GLUT4 is activated, the better chance you have at developing the physique you want. This is your only shot at being on the same playing field as the freaks...

Right now, your body is only letting you play in Little League®, while the genetic freaks are All-Stars dominating the Major Leagues!

Remember, GLUT4 literally drives glucose into muscle cells - prime environment for sick results!

You owe it to yourself to give something with such great potential a shot. After all you spend so much time training, eating right, educating yourself...Why wouldn't you want to stack the cards in your favor? Honestly, there's no good reason not to...

AP (Anabolic Pump) gebruik:

Als een voedingssupplement neem de eerste 7 dagen tweemaal daags 1 capsule. 15-20 minuten voor een koolhydraatrijke maaltijd. Tussen de innamen moet 4 uur zitten. Na de eerste 7 dagen neem je driemaal daags 1 capsule. Bijvoorkeur voor je ontbijt, lunch en avondeten.

Dit product is voor personen die 18 jaar of ouder zijn. Aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden.

Sportvoeding en supplementen zijn een aanvulling op een sportieve en gezonde levenstijl. De basis is goede voeding & voldoende training.

AP (Anabolic Pump) ingrediënten:

Dosering (1capsule)

Proprietary Blend 750mg
Phellodendron (schors) extract, carpe myrtle (lagerstroemia speciosia)(stam) extract)

Overige ingrediënten: Gelatine, Maiszetmeel, Magnesium.

Locatie: Rijswijk
Not statisfied
AP (Anabolic Pump)

This product didn't work for me. Tried it with different types of carbs and didn't notice different in my normal pump. Also there wasn't any signification improvement in the gym or harder muscles while I used this product. I used it twice and got the same feeling each time. Many I just didn't get the amount of carbs right or type of carbs.

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